Our Location Managers


Dan Lee, General Manager 812-856-9916

Paul Dubina, General Manager 812-856-9916

Donny Glass, Manager 812-856-3067

Kim Lee, Food Service Supervisor 812-855-2408

Julia Ritter, Assistant Manager 812-856-9762


Susan Platt, Assistant Manager 812-855-6603

Jackie Novak, Assistant Manager 812-856-9762

Wayne Gunder, Assistant Manager 812-856-4362

Keenan Norris, Supervisor 812-856-5430

Campus Cafes


Cheyenne Surack, Manager 812-856-7050

Godfrey Graduate and Executive Center

Corinne Nicholson, Manager 812-855-1688

Herman B Wells Library

Sammi McKinney 812-856-4511

Hodge Hall

James Stickels, Manager 812-856-5090

Jacobs School of Music

Sammi McKinney 812-855-5598

Jordan Hall

Kevin Hopper-Knutstrom 812-856-0325

Luddy Hall

Kevin Hopper-Knutstrom, Assistant Manager 812-855-6363

School of Education

Cheyenne Surack, Manager 812-856-8567

Student Recreational Sports Center (SRSC)

Cheyenne Surack, Manager 812-856-5633

School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA)

p>Corinne Nicholson, Manager 812-856-2388

Campus Convenience Stores


Dora Evans, Manager 812-855-8782


Joyce Ross, Manager 812-855-9506

Union Street Center

Emilio Arias, Assistant Manager 812-856-1097


Amanda Hernandez, Assistant Manager 812-855-9056


Jackie Novack, Assistant Manager 812-855-5430

Indiana Memorial Union

Rachael Splain, Retail Director 812-855-0513

Tyler Harden, Retail Manager 812-855-2065

Tara Porter, Retail Manager 812-855-7745