Carry-out and delivery ordering with GRUBHUB

IU Dining has partnered with Grubhub so you can order ahead and pick up your food between classes, on your way to your next meeting, or delivered to your residence hall.

Grubhub online ordering is available at select Indiana Memorial Union locations and:

Save time and skip the line!

Set up your GRUBHUB account

Instructions for:


Four Ways to Grubhub

There are four different IU payment types that are good to pay for your meal through Grubhub.

  • Use I-BUCKS 60 and I-BUCKS 25 to order from IU Dining
  • Use CrimsonCash and CrimsonCard Payroll Advance to order from IU Dining or any local restaurant on Grubhub

Set up your CrimsonCard payment option on Grubhub

How to verify your selected payment option

Pick-up or Delivery

Most IU Dining locations offer pick up powered by Grubhub. Now you can order Grubhub delivered from three campus locations.

Deadline to Pick up Your Grubhub Order from IU Dining

Your safety is our priority.

Before you submit an order, check wait times at the location to be sure you can be there when your order is completed. Unclaimed orders with a receipt time that is 2 hours old are not safe to consume and will be thrown out.

We will not reheat, remake, or refund the cost of that order.