Collins Eatery

Hot Bar

Oatmeal  Vegan
Scrambled Eggs  Vegetarian
Protein of the DayBacon, Sausage, or Chicken Sausage
Potato of the DayHash brown or home fries  Vegan
Two Soups of the Day
Assorted Pastries & Desserts  Vegetarian

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Salad Bar

Fresh Salad Greens  Vegan
Assorted Proteins - Including Plant Based Chicken, hummus, tofu, hard boiled eggs, black beans, quinoa
Assorted Vegetables  Vegan
Assorted CheesesParmesan, Cheddar, Vegan Mozzerella  Vegetarian
Choice of DressingsCaesar, Balsamic Vinaigrette, or Ranch
Fresh Cut Fruit  Vegan

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